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The Wines

Suggested by the very name of the winnery, the vineyard is located in the close proximity of Turda Salt Mine, more specifically at approximately 100 m, on Durgau Hills. This area prides itself with centuries of viticulture tradition, dating back to the Roman Empire period, when the current settlement of Turda was known under the name of Potaissa.

La Salina Winery was established in the centre of Transylvania, in an area having a strong calling for white wines. With specific features, Aries Valley terroir has transformed the harvests of Salina Winery into a unique and revealing experience. As a tribute to the millennia of wine-making traditions in this region, dating back to the town of Potaissa, the wines are referred to as ISSA.


2015 / dry

The classically vinified Chardonnay has an excellent typical variety, with a bright greenish-yellow colour and dominating white fruit flavours (pear, apple), followed by intense and pleasant citrus grades, and by other, more moderate, mineral grades. The taste is round and balanced, with a hint of melted butter and good acidity. The finish is pleasant, slightly spicy.

Recommended dishes:

As appetiser, alongside snacks; fish, seafood or white meat dishes; fresh or creamy cheese;

Serving temperature: 10° - 12°C.

12.5 % vol.


2015 / dry

The Sauvignon Blanc, vinified in the New World style, brings liveliness to the glass. Its pleasant pale and brilliant yellow colour reveals fresh flavours, dominated by citrus and elderflower, continued by bell-pepper grades.

Due to its good acidity, perfectly balancing the alcohol, the wine is pleasantly surprising. The overall structure is harmonious, supplemented by light mineral grades, with a hint of sweetness (though being dry) which becomes noticeable in the medium to long term aftertaste.

Recommended dishes:

As appetiser, alongside green salads; fish or any lean meat dishes; fresh cheese;

Serving temperature: 10° - 12°C.

12.5% vol.


2015 / dry

The classically vinified Pinot Noir Rose comes as a gratifying surprise, given that the variety is very demanding and difficult. It has a pleasant and bright salmon-pink colour. By vinification, the typical variety aromas are transformed into grades of roses, strawberries and watermelon. The taste is sprightly, with good acidity, yet sufficiently full-bodied, with a pleasant finish sustained in the aftertaste.

Recommended dishes:

As appetiser, alongside salmon or smoked duck breast bruschettas; coq au vin; cheese;

Serving temperature: 10° - 12°C.

12.5 % vol.


2015 / dry

Classic style of vinification (Burgundy), having a light ruby red color, bright and transparent. It develops delicate flavors of ripe blueberries, cherries, sour cherries, coffee, tobacco, fine spices and a subtile touch of oak.

It surprises your taste by its roundness, pleasant astringency, fine tannins that transmit aging potential, well integrated alcohol, great balance and it impresses with persistence and a long aftertaste.

Food pairings:

dried sausages, pasta with light sauces, tartar of salmon, red meat - beef, grilled pork.

Serving temperature: 13-14°C during summer and at 15-16°C in the rest of the year.

12.5 % vol.


2015 / dry

Limited edition 1300 bottles

Colour: sparkling light yellow with typical greenish reflections.

Flavour: at first nose the fresh dough, bread and nut aroma is persistent and strong. At the second nose the aroma turns to floral touch of vine flowers, lily of the valley and peony.


  • Balanced, soft, specific to terroire.
  • The alcohol is well identified with the taste.
  • Good density and stoutness for a young wine.
  • Excelent acidity that gives freshness.
  • Dominant touch of green apple and apricot almost ripe.
  • The end is medium to long, pleasant and non-aggressive.

Gastronomical recommendation:

Goes well with sea fruits, fish with white meat, traditional Transylvanian dishes.

Serving temperature: 10°-12°C

12.5 % vol.

The Story

The story of ’Crama La Salina‘ began five years ago, as the hobby of two noble wine lovers, Simion Mureșan and Claudiu Sugar, who restored the viticultural area of the Durgau Hills. They further developed a comprehensive project with an overall investment of 3 million Euro.

After decades of inactivity, the wine growing area of the Durgau Hills, including its terraces and slope areas, have been turned into a rich vineyard, using cutting-edge technology. It received the geographical indication of the ‘Hills of Transylvania’.

The vineyard and winery are located in close proximity of Turda Salt Mine, in an area with long tradition in viticulture, as early as the Roman Empire, which had one of the most developed administrative centres of Dacia.

The project ‘Crama La Salina’ revives the history of the wine growing area, as well as the stories of the surrounding places by extensive wine tourism. At the vineyard foothills, the restaurant ’Sarea-n bucate‘ awaits for its guests. The tempting flavours of slowly-cooked dishes, based on traditional recipes, harmoniously blend with the ISSA wines. Tourists are invited to the restaurant’s guest house, with accommodation for 40 persons in 13 ultra-modern rooms.

The workmanship, the well cared for and attentively harvested grapes of the winery, as well as its technology and state-of-the-art equipment provide for the production of quality wines. In 2014, 20 hectares of vines were harvested, with an output of 47,000 bottles. Maximum output will be reached in 2019, i.e. with 300,000 bottles of wine to be obtained from an overall area of 42 hectares.

This is the project commencement year, when the existing vine was grubbed-up and the related support systems removed.

Soil analyses were conducted, the samples being sent to Italy, Austria and Romania. Simultaneously, works have been made in order to bring the land to an optimum level for planting.

Vines were brought from two famous French grapevine nurseries (MERCIER and HEBINGER) and planted mechanically, via a satellite-driven machine.

In 2013, the support system (of Italian-French origin) was installed and the first cutting of the vineyard was performed.

Another 9 hectares of vines brought from Austria (TSCHIDA) were planted. Most importantly, this is the first year of harvest and the first years to produce wine by La Salina Winery, using selected French yeasts. Within the same year, the winery’s restaurant was opened, under the name of ’Sarea-n bucate’.

The official launch of the winery took place in 2015, when the guest house ’Sarea-n bucate‘ was also opened.

Strada Dealul Viilor 10,
Turda, Judetul Cluj
SC Crama la Salina SRL
tel-fax: +4 0745 534 026

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