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As the name of the winery suggests, the vineyard is located in the immediate vicinity of Turda Salt Mine, more precisely about 100 meters from it, on the Durgău Hills, an area with a secular tradition in viticulture, dating back from the Roman Empire period, at the time when the settlement known nowadays under the name of Turda was called Potaissa.
La Salina Winery was born in the heart of Transylvania, in an area with a strong vocation for white wines. The specific terroir of the Arieș Valley comes with the mark of its identity, transforming the La Salina Winery’s supply into a unique, revealing experience. This is why these wines bear the name ISSA, as a tribute to the millennial winegrowing traditions formed here, ever since the place bore the name Potaissa.


/ dry

The Blanc Sauvignon, vinified in the style of the New World, brings a pleasant vibe into the glass.
With a pale yellow, bright colour, it reveals fresh aromas, dominated by citrus fruits, vegetable tints, freshly mowed grass, nettle, followed by notes of sweet pepper.

The taste surprises with good acidity, perfectly balanced with alcohol.
The overall structure is harmonious, standing out by the typical notes of the variety of elder flowers, gooseberries, melon, being complemented by the specific minerality of the Durgău Hills area, which gives it a capacity with great performance potential at aging in oak barrels.

Culinary recommendations:

Next to summer salads; fish dishes or any lean meat; fresh cheeses.

Serving temperature: 08° - 10°C.


/ dry

Of a bright yellow colour, Chardonnay Barrique is characterized by finesse, always up to the standard, clearly capturing the specificity of the area and ennobled by the maturation in oak barrels.

The discreet floral aroma is complemented by notes of vanilla, toast and caramel.

The medium, unctuous taste, with aromas of pistachios and chocolate, slightly woody, combines perfectly with the aromatic persistence, the power of the variety and the very well integrated acidity.

Culinary recommendations:

Next to snacks, fish preparations, large crustaceans, duck, seafood, fresh or creamy cheeses.

Serving temperature: 8° - 10°C.


/ dry

Pinot Noir rose, vinified in the classic style, is a pleasant surprise, especially since the variety is a very demanding one.
It has a salmon pink colour that makes us think at the summer days.
The typical aromas of the variety are transformed by winemaking into rose, in intense notes of wild strawberries and watermelon.

Culinary recommendations:

Next to bruschetta with smoked salmon or duck breast; coq au vin; cheese.

Serving temperature: 08° - 10°C.


/ dry

Vinified in a classic style (Burgundy) and light ruby red in colour, bright and typically transparent.
It develops delicate aromas of ripe blueberries, cherries, bitter cherries, coffee, tobacco, leather, fine spices and an oak touch.

The taste surprises by its roundness, the pleasant astringency, the fine tannins that convey an aging potential, the well-integrated, very well balanced alcohol, striking by its persistence and the long aftertaste.

Culinary recommendations:

Dried sausages, pasta with light sauces, salmon tartar, red meat - beef, duck, pork, barbecue, chocolate desserts.

Serving temperature: 10°-12°C


/ sweet

The Ice Wine experiment of La Salina Winery makes from this Sauvignon Blanc the star of this type of winemaking on the Romanian lands.

A surprising wine, with a strong expression of the variety, is noticeable by the intense aromas of ripe quince, peach compote and honeycomb.

The story of the wine begins in the frosty heart of the winter, when the grapes left on the vine since fall are picked with gentleness and hope, their juice - the must - a tasty one, full of sugars becoming the sweet and fortified Issa Icewine.

The high acidity together with the well-integrated alcohol make this ice wine a dessert wine suitable not only for special occasions.

Culinary recommendations:

It can replace dessert with fine cheeses, blue cheese, foie gras, and desserts with sweet cheese.

Serving temperature: 08° - 10°C


/ dry

Chardonnay, vinified in a classic style, has an excellent typicality of the variety, with a bright yellow-greenish colour and with dominant aromas of white fruits (pear, apple), continued by intense, pleasant notes of citrus fruits and other more temperate, mineral touches.
The taste is round and balanced, and with good acidity. The last draught is pleasant, slightly spicy.

Culinary recommendations:

Next to snacks; fish dishes, sushi, seafood or white meat dishes; fresh or creamy cheeses.

Serving temperature: 08° - 10°C.


/ dry

It comes to the fore by its minerality and dense structure.

Yellow in colour with greenish reflections, Issa Rhein Riesling surprises with its intense aromatic bouquet, with clear fruity notes from the area of citrus and green fruits (lemon, grapefruit, apples, green cherry plums) and rounded with elegant floral and honey aromas.

The high acidity and the mineral character denote the specific mark of the Transylvanian Hills, giving this wine a special personality.

The taste is balanced, fine, soft and the evolution potential is impressive, over time, developing tones of acacia flowers, field peonies, walnut kernel and the famous oil variety-specific aroma.

Culinary recommendations:

An ideal partner next to spicy Asian dishes, foie gras, fish, traditional Transylvanian dishes.

Serving temperature: 8°-10°C


/ dry

Straw yellow in colour, Issa Muscat Ottonel is very expressive through the intense floral aromas, specific to this aromatic variety.

The explosion in the glass, of floral aromas, honeycomb, cherry blossoms and ripe pear, makes us think to a sweet taste, but it surprises by the winemaking in dry with the fresh taste of citrus fruits (pomelo, red oranges) sustained by the average acidity, giving it the status of crisp wine.

Culinary recommendations:

Salads, creamy cheese, fish and seafood, fine desserts

Serving temperature: 08° - 10°C


The story of ʺCrama La Salinaʺ was born from the passion of two noble wine lovers who restored the winegrowing area on the Durgău Hills, subsequently developing an extensive project.
After decades of inactivity, the Durgău Hills winegrowing area, the terraces and slopes of the estate have been transformed into a fertile vine, using state-of-the-art exploitation technology, and receiving the geographical indication of ʺTransylvania Hillsʺ.
The vineyard and the wine cellar are located in the immediate vicinity of the Turda Salt Mine, in an area with a centuries-old tradition in viticulture, from the times of the Roman Empire, which had here one of the most developed administrative centres in Dacia.

ʺLa Salina Wineryʺ revives the history of the winegrowing area and the stories of the places surround it, through a large wine tourism project. At the base of the vineyards, ʺSarea-n bucateʺ Restaurant awaits its guests. The inviting aromas of patiently cooked dishes, following traditional recipes, blend harmoniously with ISSA wines. Tourists are invited to discover the restaurant’s guesthouse, consisting of 13 ultra-modern rooms, with 40 accommodation places.

The manual works, the carefully cared and harvested grapes, the technology and the state-of-the-art facilities of the winery ensure the production of quality wines. In 2014, the harvest was done on an area of 20 hectares, with a production of 47,000 bottles, 2019 being the year in which the maximum production capacity was reached, when 300,000 bottles of wine were bottled, from the surface of 42 hectares.

It is the year of the project start-up and the year in which the deforestation of the existing vineyard began and when the related support systems were removed.
This year too, soil analyses were carried out, the samples being sent to Italy, Austria and Romania. In parallel, a works were carried out to bring the land to an optimum level for planting.

The year of planting the vines brought from two famous nurseries in France: MERCIER and HEBINGER. The planting was mechanized, with a machine guided by satellite.

In 2013, the support system (of Italian-French origin) was installed and the first cuts in the vineyard took place.

The year when another 9 hectares were planted with vines from Austria (TSCHIDA) and, most importantly, the year the first harvest was harvested and the first wine of the ʺLa Salina Wineryʺ was made using selected yeasts from France. Also this year, the restaurant inside the winery was inaugurated, the restaurant being called ʺSarea-n bucateʺ.

2015 was the year of the official launch of the winery and at the same time the year when we opened ʺSarea-n bucateʺ Restaurant and Guesthouse.

In 2016 we brought back to life the Barrel Room, a room where our wines rest in Romanian oak barrels.
We recommend this place to anyone who wants to discover the authentic atmosphere of a winery.

A year in which the weather conditions favoured a high quality production, thus succeeding for the second time the winemaking of the Rhein Riesling variety and, for the first time, of the Muscat Ottonel.

In the first part of 2018, our brand has become increasingly visible nationally, being appreciated in hundreds of locations in Romania.

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